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Annapolis Nursing Home Medical Mismanagement Attorney

Do you suspect a loved one has suffered harm due to medical mismanagement in a nursing home? If so, an Annapolis nursing home medical mismanagement attorney with Brown & Barron could help you get compensation for your loved one.

Every nursing home in Maryland has a legal obligation to meet a reasonable standard of care with respect to looking after its patients and residents. However, there could be grave consequences when the facility fails to meet that standard. Our firm can help you collect damages for nursing home abuse and neglect.

We’re proud of our record of fighting for our community, and we’re equally pleased to say we take nursing home medical mismanagement and neglect cases on a contingency basis. That means you won’t pay any legal fees unless we collect damages in your case. So, let us form a winning team with you to fight for your loved one’s rights. Contact us today to get started.

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How Can Brown and Barron Help With My Nursing Home Medical Mismanagement Case?

We have a team of attorneys and staff who have experience identifying and holding facilities accountable for nursing home medical mismanagement and abuse. Most importantly, we can help you meet the legal standard necessary to collect damages for the harm your loved one sustained. We can help you prove the following:

  • The nursing home had a legal responsibility to provide proper care for your loved one
  • It failed to meet that legal standard adequately and didn’t provide appropriate care
  • Your loved one—and, by extension, your family—suffered damages as a result of this failure

Once we prove this pattern of facts in your case, we will be able to demand damages from the liable parties, including the staff member who mismanaged your loved one’s care and the facility.

Why Should I Trust Brown and Barron With My Case?

Brown and Barron is a Maryland law firm with nearly 140 years of experience as trial lawyers fighting for the rights of nursing home abuse and neglect. We’ve taken on negligent nursing homes and recovered millions of dollars in damages for our clients.

However, our work is about more than money for us. We believe in seeking justice for clients while helping them get the financial compensation they need to ensure their loved one receives adequate care. 

What Is Nursing Home Medical Mismanagement?

Nursing homes are more than just residences for people who can’t care for themselves. They are also medical facilities with processes and procedures in place to maintain the residents’ well-being. The failure to observe these procedures often results from medical mismanagement at the facility. Examples of nursing home medical mismanagement include:

  • Failure to administer medication as prescribed (e.g., incorrect doses, late delivery, or medication theft)
  • Failure to prepare meals following a patient’s care plan
  • Inadequate training or supervision of nursing home staff
  • Allowing residents to elope or wander away from the nursing home unsupervised
  • Failure to ensure that all residents receive proper nutrition or hydration

Available Damages in a Nursing Home Medical Mismanagement Case

Your family will incur expenses after your loved one suffers harm due to medical management at their nursing home. In legal terms, these expenses are called “damages,” and you have the right to hold the negligent party who caused those expenses responsible by demanding recoverable damages.

Examples of the recoverable damages we can seek in a nursing home medical mismanagement case include:

  • Transporting your loved one to a medical facility
  • Medical treatment for your loved one
  • Relocation costs to a new nursing home facility
  • Ongoing care made necessary by the mismanagement
  • Pain and suffering

How Much Is My Nursing Home Medical Mismanagement Case Worth?

Unfortunately, nursing home medical mismanagement takes several forms. Each case can involve one or more forms of mismanagement—and all to different degrees. So, every nursing home medical mismanagement case we’ve fought is unique.

Because every case is different, the damages we demand for our clients vary significantly in every case. During our free case evaluation, we can review the facts in your case. Once that’s done, we should be in a better position to advise you on the potential value of your case.

No Fee Unless We Win Your Nursing Home Mismanagement Case

The Brown and Barron team stands ready to fight for justice on behalf of our clients and their families. Therefore, the last thing we want is for a potential client to delay reaching out to us because they think they can’t afford our services.

Contact Brown & Barron online today to schedule a free case review with a with a nursing home medical mismanagement lawyer serving Annapolis.

You Have a Time Limit to Seek Damages in a Nursing Home Medical Mismanagement Case

In our experience, the sooner we start working on a case and collecting evidence for our clients, the better our chances of achieving a positive outcome for them. In addition, if we can talk to your loved one while their memories of the neglect are clear, it might lead us to new witnesses or other evidence that can bolster your case.

Nursing homes change staff frequently. Thus, the longer we wait to seek compensation, the more likely it becomes that a staff member with valuable evidence will move on and become difficult to locate. 

Yet, in many cases, all it takes is one good witness to break the dam and direct us to even more evidence of nursing home abuse and neglect.

Finally, you have a legal time limit on making a demand for damages. According to Md. Code, Cts. & Jud. Proc., § 5-109 (2022), you have the earlier of either five years from the injury or three years from when you learned of the injury to file a claim.

Your loved one deserves professional care, not callous neglect by an uncaring, inattentive, or unsupervised staff. Contact us today to learn more about how our team can protect the rights of your loved one.


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