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Dundalk Nursing Home Bedsore Injury Attorney

Bedsores are troubling signs that may result from nursing home abuse or neglect. When you see bedsores on a loved one currently at a nursing home, you may find it difficult to decide what to do. Though you may need to move your relative to a new place where they can be safe, that’s only half the battle.

You also need to hold the nursing home accountable for their neglect. However, holding negligent nursing homes accountable is not a battle you have to fight alone. A Dundalk nursing home attorney from Brown and Barron can help you recover damages for nursing home abuse or neglect, including bedsores. 

Brown and Barron Will Help You Stand Up for Your Loved Ones

Perhaps the worst thing about having a loved one who suffered nursing home neglect, such as bedsore injuries, is that they may not be able to stand up for themselves. Unfortunately, if you’re not experienced in nursing home neglect, you may not be able to stand up for them either. The whole situation can leave you feeling so helpless. 

That’s where Brown and Barron can help. If you trust us with your case, it would be our honor to stand up for you and your family too. We’re here to fight for you. All you need to do is contact us and talk to one of our attorneys. If you like what you hear, we’ll take care of the rest. 

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What Recoverable Damages Can I Seek from a Bedsore Injury Case?

Bedsore may not be the first thing you may consider to be nursing home negligence. However, bedsores can be serious, painful, and may require extensive treatment to heal. This treatment can be long-term and very costly. Any medical bills you accumulate to diagnose and treat your loved one’s nursing home bedsore injuries could qualify as recoverable damages.

However, medical bills are not the only recoverable damages in a nursing home bedsore case. If you notice signs of nursing home neglect, such as bedsores, you will have to find a new nursing home for your loved one. Finding and moving to a new nursing home can be expensive, especially on short notice. Brown and Barron can include the cost of relocating your loved one in your demand for recoverable damages. 

In addition, if your loved one has bedsores, they may have been suffering unnecessarily for an extended period. Prolonged suffering may cause undue mental anxiety and emotional distress. The law allows bedsore injury victims or their family members to seek damages both for pain and suffering as well as emotional distress brought about by their injuries. 

A bedsore injury attorney can help you seek recoverable damages that your loved one has endured from a nursing home’s abuse or neglect.

What Is the Total Value of My Loved One’s Bedsore Case?

Generally, the higher the medical bills are, the more severe the injuries are. In addition, injuries of higher severity usually result in more pain, suffering, and emotional distress for the victim. The total value of your case hinges on how much recoverable damages you or your loved one suffered because of their nursing home bedsore injuries.

Because every nursing home neglect case is different, for us to estimate the potential value of your case, we need to have a full understanding of the facts. We can only obtain a full picture by talking with you about your case first. 

How Can Brown and Barron Help my Nursing Home Bedsore Injuries Case?

When you bring your Dundalk nursing home bedsore injury case to Brown and Barron, you’re getting a firm whose practice has focused on nursing home abuse and neglect for over 30 years. 

It’s not uncommon for nursing homes to deny liability in even severe cases of bedsore injuries. That’s where our experience handling nursing home neglect cases like bedsore injuries can make a difference. We understand the first step in making your case is proving negligence on the part of the nursing home. 

But more importantly, Brown and Barron can put our team on the paperwork side of your case, which will free you up to make sure your loved one gets the care they deserve for their bedsore injuries. Examples of the kind of assistance we can provide for your case include, but are not limited to, the following: 

  • Tracking and cataloging your medical bills
  • Interviewing witnesses
  • Deposing nursing home staff
  • Negotiating with the nursing home (or their counsel or insurance carrier)
  • Filing your case in court (if we can’t negotiate a settlement)

How Much does Brown and Barron Charge to Represent Victims of Nursing Home Neglect?

Our firm represents clients in nursing home neglect and bedsore injuries on contingency. When Brown and Barron represent clients on a contingency, the client doesn’t owe us a fee if we don’t win their case. Part of why we use contingency fees is because we want your primary focus to be providing care for your loved one. 

If we take your case and don’t reach a settlement or secure a monetary judgment for recoverable damages, we will assume the full cost of our legal services. So, you don’t have to worry about bills if you’re our client. Instead, you can focus your energy on your loved one. We’ll worry about winning your case.

Contact Brown & Barron online today to schedule a free case review with a with a bedsores lawyer serving Dundalk.

Who Is Brown and Barron?

Brown and Barron is a personal injury law firm that practices in nursing home abuse, nursing home neglect, and medical malpractice. Our founding attorney, Brian Brown, has been fighting nursing home neglect cases for more than 30 years. Brian has achieved a ranking of 10.0 from Avvo legal ratings. This rating speaks volumes about Brian’s commitment to his clients, as well as his track record of fighting and winning on their behalf. 

Brown and Barron has won more than $80,000,000 for our clients since 2017. There are several six-figure awards and settlements in cases of suspected nursing home neglect included in that total. The attorneys at our firm also have nearly 140 years of combined experience representing people suffering from nursing home-related neglect, such as bedsores. 

We are dedicated to helping you seek justice for your loved one and holding nursing homes accountable for their negligence. 

Brown and Barron Client Testimonials

There is no better reward for a law firm than a happy client. That’s why we’re just as proud of our client testimonials as we are proud of our record for recovering damages on their behalf. We believe in representing our clients with compassion, professionalism, and determination. Our goal is for every client who trusts us with their case to leave us a glowing review. 

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