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The unexpected death of one of our loved ones will always be a terrible event, especially if the negligent actions of another person caused it. Unfortunately, many accidents happen in the United States every day, and many of them are due to people’s irresponsibility. However, wrongful death can also occur because of a professional’s lack of experience.

If you lost a loved one in a car accident or due to the negligent actions of another person, you could have the right to file a lawsuit to seek justice. In these cases, it is about making the responsible party face consequences and relieving the tremendous financial stress the wrongful death caused. Our Arbutus wrongful death attorneys can help.

We aim to secure fair damages for wrongful death victims’ families. Compensation cannot bring your loved one back, but it can take away some of the financial stress. Our team handles many case types in Maryland. Let us handle your case.

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In What Situations Can a Wrongful Death Occur?

Unfortunately, there are many situations in which a person can die unexpectedly. A motorist, co-worker, or healthcare professional commits negligent actions and causes serious accidents. Some common causes of wrongful death are:

Car Accidents

If a person drives while intoxicated, is distracted by using a cell phone, or ignores traffic signs, they could cause a severe accident that ends a life. Possible victims can include pedestrians, fellow drivers, or themselves. These accidents could result in catastrophic injuries that result in a victim’s passing.

Truck Accidents

These types of accidents are among the most devastating, as a truck’s size can be dangerous in a collision with a smaller passenger vehicle. Also, when a truck’s cargo is not secured correctly and falls on top of a vehicle, it could also cause someone’s passing.

Motorcycle Accidents

If a motorcyclist is hit by another vehicle, the rider’s life could be in danger. Motorcyclists do not have the protection a vehicle has. Motorcycle riders only have knee pads, elbow pads, and helmets. So, a high-speed crash can be very serious.

Defective Products

The manufacturers of the products we purchase must provide the highest quality possible. If any of these products creates health problems in consumers or causes serious accidents, there is a good chance that it will happen to many more peoplef. Victims and their families could hold the manufacturers responsible for their negligence.

Property Accidents

Anyone who has guests in their home, or those who have a business, must keep their properties in good condition so that there are no accidents. These could include slip and falls, ceiling collapses, electrical fires, and more.

Work Accidents

Contractors and other third-parties on work sites should always enable a safe work environment. If an accident happens, they could be responsible for the consequences. Workers could suffer burns, loss of limbs, falls, and wrongful death in workplaces.

Medical Malpractice

Hospital professionals like doctors, nurses, anesthesiologists, and other health personnel can be negligent. This can cause more severe health problems than the patient already has.

Sadly, these are not the only reasons wrongful deaths happen. So, if you have a different case, contact Brown & Barron to talk about our wrongful death attorneys in Arbutus. We can offer you a free, initial consultation to review all the details of your loved one’s wrongful death. Our team can help you seek justice and monetary compensation.

Compensation You Could Recover in a Wrongful Death Case?

Your wrongful death lawyer has to first review all the information about your case before providing you a case value. Small details in your case can affect the final result. However, to get a clearer idea, here are the damages you could recover if you win your case:

  • Loss of companionship and love
  • Loss of monetary and health benefits
  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Medical expenses incurred prior to death include ambulance rides, physical therapy, medications, medical equipment, doctor visits, etc.
  • Loss of income, if you had to take care of your loved one for a while and missed work
  • Emotional damage
  • Punitive damages (which gives greater punishment and prevents the perpetrator from committing the same negligent actions again)

If the negligent actions of another person caused the death of your loved one, you do not have to pay anything out of pocket. With the help of one of our wrongful death attorneys at Brown & Barron, you could pursue monetary compensation to ease the financial stress of your losses. 

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If you don’t want your case to be dismissed because of time, take action as soon as possible. At Brown & Barron, we are here to help you get justice for the other party’s negligent actions. 

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There Is a Time Limit To File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Maryland, there is a statute of limitations that regulates the time for a person to file a lawsuit. For general cases of wrongful death, the victim’s relatives have three years to file under Md. Code Ann., Cts. & Jud. Proc. § 3-904

Other circumstances could affect how long you have to file. 

Speak to your lawyer about the timelines relevant to your situation. For instance, discovery of the cause of your loved one’s death well after their passing could give you more time to file.

Who Can File a Wrongful Death Claim or Lawsuit?

Unlike accident or personal injury lawsuits, wrongful death complaints are pursued by close family members of the deceased. In the United States, the laws to file a lawsuit for these cases will depend on your state. 

For Maryland, the regulations state that the victim’s parents, spouse, or children can seek justice and monetary compensation for the wrongful death of their loved one. Your lawyer can conduct a thorough investigation and determine who is entitled to recover monetary compensation.


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